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Transportation Services

Service is available in Washington County and surrounding counties. Please call Washington Rides for availability.

Shared-Ride, Door-to-Door, Advance Reservation

Washington Rides provides transportation service that is Shared-Ride in nature.  That means you will likely be riding with others, and that other individuals may be picked up and dropped off before you reach your destination.  We try to make sure, in most instances, that no one rides for more than an hour, but the trip may well take longer than if you were going by yourself, and passengers need to plan accordingly. 

The service provided is Door-to-Door.  Many of the vehicles have wheelchair lifts.  Passengers who need and request assistance will receive it, between the door of the pick-up point and the door of the destination.  Drivers cannot, however, take a wheelchair up or down steps, or provide lifting assistance for passengers. 

Passengers may travel with service animals that are trained to assist them. All service animals must stay with the owner and be under control at all times.

Passengers are permitted to travel with respirators and small, portable oxygen. All life support systems must be under the control of the passenger, accompanying personal care attendant (PCA) or attached to their mobility device.

All passengers must be registered with Washington Rides before using our services, and advance reservations are required.

Washington Rides Does NOT Provide 

Service Providers 

The actual provision of services is not handled directly by Washington Rides, but by three different private transportation companies that each serve a specific part of the county.  Depending on where you live, your service may be provided by one of the following:

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